MISS SAKURA 2018の参加者の募集の知らせ

MISS SAKURA 2018の参加者の募集の知らせ

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     Dear Japanese students, Japanese students and students all over the country. The Japanese Education Association (JLAN) is established with the purpose of helping Japanese Education for students from non-Kanji countries who can adapt faster to life in Japan. as well as the Japanese learning environment. Our Association has carried out practical activities to implement:

– Successfully held the JLAN-Test in June, June, June and October in Hanoi (Da Nang University), Danang (Da Nang University), Ho Chi Minh City Minh (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education).

– We have cooperated with major universities in Vietnam such as Dai Nam University, Thang Long University, Dong Do University, Hue Foreign Language University, Da Nang University, Nha Trang University. , Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education …

– We have been cooperating to help build Japanese as second language program at Nha Trang University.

– Miss Universe 2015 – Pham Huong is currently the Japanese Ambassador to the Japanese Language Association for non-JLAN countries.

– Organize visits and exchanges of experiences between Vietnamese universities who are members of the JLAN Association.

– Co-organize the 8th Vienam – Japan Cultural Exchange Festival in Hanoi.


   In addition to the annual activities, the Japanese Language Association for Non-Kanji countries (JLAN) co-operates with Giang Anh Japansese language school, Thang Long University, Da Nang University, Dai Nam University…. and Japanese language schools in Japan to hold the “Miss Sakura 2018” Contest with the theme “Beauty of Vietnamese-Japanese students”.The contest is one of the annual activities of the JLAN Association, besides the main activity is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLAN), which aims to improve Japanese language skills and create more. A variety of playgrounds for students and students interested in Japanese have the opportunity to exchange and learn. At the same time, the contest is one of the main events within the framework of the 8th Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange Festival held in Hanoi. Especially, the 8th annual “VIETNAM-JAPANESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE FESTIVAL” was selected by the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam as one of the most prominent cultural events in the series of cultural events. Year of establishment of Japanese diplomatic relations in Vietnam.



   The organizers will select 15 best candidates from all three regions in the North, Central and South to participate in the final round on March 18, 1818 at the Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange Festival. 8 at Giang Anh School (Thuy Lo – Lien Ha – Dong Anh – Hanoi).



  • Have a good academic achievement or higher.
  • Have good morals, good lifestyle, do not violate the law and regulations of the school.
  • Have a height of 1m60 and above, balanced appearance, gifted in the fields of culture, art, painting, music, dance, cuisine, cooking, sewing, martial arts …



  • Application form (in the form of the Organizing Committee is taken at the registration or download the following link: https://goo.gl/ezKCPg )
  • A letter of recommendation from the school’s representative will be used to guide the student to the competition.
  • Copy of ID card
  • Candidates must submit at least three photos (two copies): one for school uniform, one for portrait and one for self-portrait.

Note: For candidates not in the North: must submit more entries (clips showing talent and greeting) to participate in the preliminary round.

Please send the application file to email: info@jlan.jp

Application form must be submitted before March 3, 2018.





–  Hanoi: held directly contest at Japanese language school Giang Anh, time 8h30 on 12/3/2017 selected 9 candidates to finalists.

–  Central region, South area: not held directly contest. Preliminary contest by marking the contest entries sent to the organizers of the contest, to select 6 candidates to participate in the final contest. The time for organizing the first semester is from March 9, 2018 to October 10, 2018

Judges: Members of the organizing committee, guest judges

1.2. SUMMARY: 13.00-17.00 on 18/03/2018

At Giang Anh Japanese school.

Board of judges: Guest judges, representatives of schools attended by contestants, members of the organizing committee.



 Time: 8h30 March 12th, 2018. At Giang Anh Japanese language school in Dong Anh, Ha Noi.

Candidates will take part in the competition:

  1. Session 1: Greetings: Each candidate has 3 minutes to introduce himself (Personal Information, Talent, Strengths, Concentration, Thinking about the future)
  2. Session 2: Contest before the crowd: Contestants have 30 seconds to think and 3 minutes to answer (the examiner will ask questions for each candidate)
  3. Talent contest: Candidates have 5 minutes to demonstrate their contest: According to registered content
  4. Photo Contest:
  •      – Show in front of the camera
  •      – Candidates wear school uniforms
  •      – Contestants wear Kimono Yukata

Results: Announced 9 finalists in the final round on 18/3/2018


Time and conditions: 15 candidates will enter the photo contest on the school’s facebook website. Time: beginning March 14, 2018 until the announcement of the top 5 on the final day, after finishing the first three.

The most votes will be given to the contestants

Method of calculating a valid vote:

– Step 1: LIKE 4 fanpage:

        + Giang Anh: www.facebook.com/GiangAnhGroup

        + JLAN: www.facebook.com/jlan.test/

        + GAG: www.facebook.com/gag.jp/

        + OSAKA MINAMI: www.facebook.com/OsakaMinamiJLS/
– Step 2: Like and share pictures of the contestants you want to vote on all 4 fanpage pages. (Results on fanpage pages will be added)
                                                           1 LIKE = 1 MARK.
– Judges will select the winner by the highest score, in case there are two candidates with points, BTC will consider the following order of priority: First, the “SHARE” and lastly the COMMENT (comment) to find the pair with the highest score.

The highest score will be in the TOP 5 of the final round on March 18th.

Judges reserves the right to change the rules of the competition.


15 candidates will participate in 3 rounds to select 5 best candidates:

Part 1Performing traditional costumes of Vietnam (ao dai). Candidates must show beautiful charm through their Ao Dai.

Part 2Evening dress show. Candidates must show their noble status, showing their confidence on the stage.

After 2 part of the competition, seven contestants will be selected to compete in the Kimono costume contest.

Part 3: Performing traditional Japanese costumes Kimono: Contestants must show the beauty of the kimono out of Japan.

After the third contest, 5 candidates will be announced in the practice section.

Announce 01 candidates directly into the contest.

Part 4: Candidates to participate in the behavior (social knowledge)

In this contest, contestants will be asked questions and answers. At the same time, you can answer some questions directly from the jury (if any).

– Response time: 01 minutes.

– Candidates demonstrate their knowledge of social issues through content, responses.


– 01 First Prize: Become Ambassador of JLAN Association for 1 year and 1 life experience trip to Japan + Certificate of Merit + Cup

– 01 second prize: 3 million VND + Certificate of merit + Cup

– 01 third prize: VND 2,000,000 + Certificate of merit + Cup

– Additional awards: VND 1,000,000 + Certificate of merit

+ Candidates are the most favorite.

+ The best performing evening gown.

+ The best traditional Japanese costume show.

+ The best traditional costume show in Vietnam.

* Candidates with a representative of the school who passed the preliminary round will be supported for travel, accommodation and living expenses when participating in the final round held in Hanoi.


 – Deadline:

From 20/01/2018 to 03/03/2018

 – Registration forms and submissions to organizers are as follows:

+ Directly: At Giang Anh Japanese Language School

    Address: Tho Lo – Lien Ha – Dong Anh – Ha Noi

 + Online: Via email of organizers: info@jlan.jp

IV. Organizer’s contact details:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Email: info@jlan.jp

Telephone: 094.782.3079 (MrVinh) – 094.788.9966 (Mr Hung)

Or update the news, information through the JLAN Assocation website (www.jlan.jp) or the Facebook page of the Association. (www.facebook.com/jlan.test)

Organizer: Japanese Education Association for non-Kanji countries (JLAN).

Co-hosted by: Giang Anh Japanese Language School.

Supporting organizations: Thang Long University, Dong Do University, Dai Nam University, Da Nang University, Hue Foreign Language University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Da Lat University.

Sponsors :     -GAG Japanese Language center

                        – Osaka Minami Japanese Institute 

                        – Kyoto International Academy

                        – Osaka International Language Academy

We are looking forward to receiving your enthusiastic participation!










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